All Our Programs Are Personalized

The BARCELONA TENNIS ACADEMY offers programs for all ages and levels. Whether you just want to polish your game for one week during the holidays, or you are looking for a yearly program to make it on the professional tour, we have a program for you. While you are with us, you will receive personalized attention from our staff to help you maximize your chances to reach your goals. Both our directors will be directly involved with your training program. Contrary to directors in other tennis academies, at the Barcelona Tennis Academy, both Juan Carlos and Raphael spend most of their time on-court, making sure that players reach their full potential.

Tennis is an individual sport that shapes a person’s character, it develops skills such as self-confidence, self-belief, patience, decision making, discipline, and fair play. We believe that our passion for the sport and great experience are strong tools to help our players develop as strong tennis players, but most importantly, strong individuals. We also strongly believe in having a healthy relationship with parents, who play an important role in the player’s overall development. Communication between coaches, players, and parents allows for a more efficient development of the child.

Our work does not end after a session on court, it continues off the court and will last for as long as deemed necessary. Our team stays in touch with the students even after they have left the academy for feedback and contineous help.