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May 2015 – Training at NEW FACILITIES –  We are already training at our new location – Club de Tenis Andrés Gimeno located in Castelldefels – 23 clay courts, 1 greenset court, 11 padel courts, outdoor pool, new gym, kids play area, chill out, Bar-Restaurant. Closer to the airport, closer to Barcelona – closer to tournament locations! Amazing, good to be here! – Facing a lot of work due to the move, new office, etc – but our players are training 100%.

April 2015 – NEW COLLABORATION AGREEMENT –  Proud to announce a new Collaboration Agreement – ACADEMY IS MOVING by the end of the month. We needed more courts and better facilities in order to be able to offer good service, good training. We are moving to Castelldefels, only a few km from our actual location, but our way to train – Personalized – will not change. It’s going to be great for our Full Time Players and for all players who come to visit us – place is not going to be a problem!

March 2015 – Easter coming closer –  Easter is coming closer and we are pleased to welcome some groups during those days. They take advantage of their holidays and come to play tennis, improve and to visit Barcelona as well as other turistic destinations. By the way, in short time we will inform about a big challenge! We will keep you informed.

February 2015 – Working hard –  All our full time players have their personalized training programs. Starting hard fitness training. Further to their program we offer additional private tennis, fitness and mental training sessions. We focus on their weak points and work hard to overcome them.

January 2015 – Happy New Tennis Year –  Happy New Tennis Year to everybody!!! New Year, more tennis! Pleased to say hello 2 possible full time players, they want to stay for 3 months and see possibilities to stay the whole year with us. Great News! Full time players, short stays, groups, adults, etc ask for our programs and enjoy, improve and love tennis. We are waiting for you!

December 2014 –  Christmas time approaching –  Need a Christmas present?? You have a tennis fan in your family? Use our Gift Vouchers and give them a training program as a present. Please ask for information and we will pleased to prepare the personalized Voucher for his personalized Gift! You can use it during the year whenever it suits you the best.

November 2014 – Taking advantage of short holidays –  We are happy to be in this area, location is great as we enjoy a microclimate that allows to train the whole year outdoor. Players from other countries had the opportunity to see it and they are coming again. Even for very short stays. They love to play outdoor and face good temperatures, not like in their countries. Ask for information, we adapt the programs, we can, we are not such a big Academy and offer personalized training programs!

October 2014 – Groups confirming for next year –  Happy that we already received the confirmation that some groups – training with us in 2014 – are already granting their booking for next year. Coming from different countries, like UK, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Israel… amazing but true, tennis is a way to bring together people of different nationalities. No problems at all, just enjoying tennis.

September 2014 – Full Time players going back to school –  After a great summer with tournaments, good results and also some days off to visit families and relatives in their home country, our full time players are facing the new school year. Thanks to a collaboration agreement, they can train, compete and continue attending school. Ask for our conditions and come as a full time player to the Academy, join the BTA Family.

August 2014 – Seasonal Players and Groups are welcome Great month with our seasonal players and also Groups. Please bear in mind that you do not have to be or become a professional player. We are pleased to welcome you all and adapt our training programs. Adults are also welcome and schools, you can play tennis, improve and also enjoy Spain. Barcelona is one of the most visited city of the world. Come and get to know the city and great beaches in the surrounding. We can help in setting up the tennis program and also the tourist tour!

July 2014 – Starting Tournaments Our full time players are starting to face more and more tennis tournaments as now school is over and they concentrate just in playing. Some will be facing a lot of national and others also international events. Wish them all Good Luck. Furthermore a lot of short time training will start. Players are coming to take advantage of their holidays and to train with us. Welcome!!

June 2014 – Edinburgh University and Tournaments Great time with several players of the Edinburgh University. Tennis, matches and leisure. The perfect combination for this group. We hope to have them back in a near future. June is a great month for tennis. We enjoy Master 1000 in Rome, ATP Tournament in Barcelona – we went to see great matches – and now Roland Garros!

May 2014 – Arrival of Full Time Players Happy to have Alina and Mahin from Pakistan back at the Academy. After 2 years they could come back and stay longer with us. Also Aishwarya is on her way back to the Academy to stay – training, competing and studying. Studies are available at an International School nearby we collaborate with. Summer Camp is ready to promote. Remember that we run another summer camp at our facilites. It is a multisports activity. You can enjoy training and your kids have fun at the same facilties.

April 2014 – Easter and Tournaments Taverne and Lyon – facing tournaments and Main Draws – on the road again. At the Academy proud to have back the Swedish Team and the girls from Tormead School from the UK. Great weeks of training these groups and other players who came to improve their tennis while spending a few days of holidays. Great news – new collaboration with Champs4Champs Foundation. They have a great accommodation for the players who are travelling and staying alone. Ask for information!

March 2014 – Preparing Easter and Summer camps 03 of March – WORLD TENNIS DAY – differents events and exhibition matches took place on that date. A good date to promote tennis and all positive aspects. We have to look ahead and are preparing our EASTER and SUMMER CAMP. Remember, we have training programs for all levels from beginners to advanced and even professional. Our Academy is not so big, and this is our strength, we can offer personalized programs and our Directors are always on court training with you.

February 2014 – Good RESULTS! Proud of our players – starting playing tournaments in February   and  achieving great results! Kerstin GRESSMANN winning her Absolute Tournament and Daniella DIMITROV also won her tournament! Really great. Now we are planning our trip to Switzerland – facing an international tournament! By the way, Daniella DIMITROV and Go MAZHAR were our players of the month JANUARY 2014.

January 2014 – On THE ROAD AGAIN Starting the year! – Wish you all the best and good Tennis for everybody! Our full time players are back to train and prepare the season. As you all now, we can offer personalized training programs for everybody. All levels and ages. Just come and enjoy. Improve your tennis while spending great holidays in incredible surrounding. Ask for information. We have the program for you!          

December 2013 – NEW REPORT for Full Time Players We have ellaborated a new report for our full time players including a lot of information about their daily work at training, fitness, etc. In January the system will include a personalized account which could be reached by parents on-line to see the daily development. Now enjoy Holidays and MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. LOTS of TENNIS for 2014!

November 2013 – GIFT VOUCHER and PLAYER of the MONTH Christmas is coming closer. Maybe you have Tennis lovers among your friends – use our GIFT VOUCHER and let them enjoy a stay at BTA improving tennis and spending nice holidays in a beautiful surrounding – a great combination. Players of the months of November – JULIE BALL and MAYEUL DARRAS. Also others have done a great job, we are really happy with our full time players and hope to be able to continue working hard!        

October 2013 – PLAYERS of the MONTH

Pleased to announce that the players of the month of October are Kerstin Gressmann and Pau Martin Sole. Different aspects helps us to take this decisión, like attitude, behaviour – on court and off court, attendance, among others.

We continue trainin outdoors – as we do throughout the year – and we welcome some players who will stay with us for a period of 3 months – we wish them good training and good stay!


September 2013 – SCHOOL and TRAINING – starts again – MENTAL TRAINER Our full time players are back to school. New year starts. That is to say, focus on training, tournaments and school. Not easy, it’s a hard job, but studies are important. A new trainer and collaborator, JOAN RIBES, has joined the Academy, furthermore he’s Sports Psychologist. He will train and speak with our full time players every day in order to achieve their BEST.       


Our players took advantage of their school holidays to take part in different tournaments on national as well as on international level. Others spent a few days with their families.

However, the Academy had a busy summer! Other players are coming to visit us taking advantage of their holidays and improved their tennis with us. It was a pleasure to welcome players that already visited us in the past.

By the way, a new trainer joined our team – TONI GARZON – a long experienced trainer, will help us to prepare our players and travel with them. Enlarging our BTA Team!


July 2013 – FULL TIME STUDENTS – all year studies

At our Academy you can continue with your studies while you are training to improve your tennis. Most players take the decision to give us studies as they cannot train and study at the same time. A hard step to take…. We want our players to do both things – study and train.  In September the new academic year will start. Ask for information!

We had several players taken advantage of their holidays to improve their tennis and also some groups training with. Our Academy does not stop, we train throughout the year!



Our players had great results in the tournaments they took part. As well as National as International Level. Egill Sigurdsson was present at the Youth Olimpics and we are very proud! – Our players achieved to arrive to Finals in nearly all tournaments. They have been working hard and they have to continue working hard! That’s tennis!



We had the pleasure to have Yaroslava Shvedova at the facilities of the Academy to prepare her participation at Roland Garros. It was great to watch her training and playing. We wish her all the best and good luck in Paris.

Some adults repeated and came back to the Academy to improve tennis while spending their holidays. Other youngstars are coming to stay for a longer period taking advantage of their school vacation.

Our players – this time Serbia, France, Casablanca, Bucarest… not bad at all…



We had a great Easter with young players and adults coming to train with us. Sweden Tennisfederation was again here with some of their players. It was great to see players from different nationalities merging together thanks to tennis. No language problems, tennis is their main language.

Our full time players also spent most of their time travelling – France, Bulgaria, Denmark… and, of course, Spain. Happy with their results and good to see them training.



During the month of March we had several group of players and individual ones visiting the Academy. Thanks to the good weather we faced real good training sessions! – We were pleased to welcome players from Zambia, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Furthermore we are proud of our full-time players, great results for them on national as well as international level! Congrats to all of them and good luck for the next ones.



February has started with good results at the tournaments our players took part. Berke was able to win his first tournament of the year and Daniella was only to beat in the final. This week facing other ones on national as well as international level.

Glad to have Vidula – from India -back at the Academy as well as Kerstin – Namibia. New players arrived, like Arif – Azerbaijan – and Sergei – Russia.  In March we will have quite a lot of players and groups coming to take advantage of the good weather in Spain to improve their tennis and enjoy their stay.

Our new fitness trainer – Beci Ilyes – is also doing a hard job as well as Carlos Morgadinho our osteopath.



After holidays, all our players are back at the Academy and had a hard month of January – fitness and training to prepare the season. Tournaments started quite soon this year and we’re pleased to say that Mayeul Darras won the first tournament of the year. Congratulations! – Other players, who come to our Academy to train, were able to win a Regional Tournament in Germany – Congratulations to Marc Soriano! – quite soon he will be back at the Academy, in Easter he will be with us!



Pleased to say that this month has given has amazing results. Julie Ball, Ana Savic and Riyaa Vardhan with great results in the last tournaments of the year. Either runner ups or winners!! Berke Mangaloglu also had very good news!! – He is now officially member of the Turkish Tennis Team!! Now, good to have a rest during Christmas! – We wish you all the best and hope for even better tennis next year!!



Autumn season with more good results even on international basis. Two of our players – Pau Martin Sole and Berke Mangaloglu are competing at ITF Tournaments in Morroco Fez and Oujda and qualified for the main draw and right now facing semi-finals in the Double.  Mayeul Darras had a great qualifying tournament in France – Lyon – for “Les Petits As” – he was only to stop in the final. Other younger players are participating in National tournaments with great results.

A report in “The National” newspaper in Pakistan about two girls who spend 3 months with us and we expect them to be back quite soon. Alina and Mahin Aftab!

Gift Voucher – Christmas is approaching and we would like to offer a Gift Voucher for all new bookings till 15th December with a 25% on trainings, to be used till the 15th of March 2013. Just ask for info!        


Proud to say that our players have started the autumn season with good results in several tournaments. Right now we’re facing other tournaments on the Canary Islands and some ITF, like the ones in Marrocco. We also want to thank the SMASH Magazine September 2012 in Switzerland and Miss Eugenia Crezcencio for their report about our Academy.



BTA is looking for trainers and coaches who do not have any difficulties in travelling or living abroad.  We will organize a selection at the Academy located in St. Pere de Ribes – close to Barcelona / Spain – dates first two weeks in October 2012. Please get in touch with us –  We want YOU to join our TEAM!


August 2012 – Good results of our players Anisha Jinez – finalist at the Tournament “Joan Torne i Reverter in Memoriam”. Marcel Sudzum – played several tournaments in Holland winning in Rotterdam, Rosendaal and runner-up in Vlissingen. We are very happy with the results of our players!          

July 2012 – Alex Corretja at the opening of new clay court

It was a great pleasure to welcome Alex Corretja – former pro player and nowadays Captain of the Spanish Davis Cup Team – at our facilities. We invited him to come to the opening of a new clay court – the court named “Alex Corretja”. All members of our Club and of the Academy spent a great day with him. He offered a clinic and played a match with the “winners” of th clinic. Thanks Alex for coming!


June 2012 – Good Results at Roland Garros

An amazing result of one of the players we had the pleasure to train at our Academy – Yaroslava Shvedova. Starting from the Quali at Roland Garros she has been able to defeat the favorite Na Li and Yaroslava is already in Quarter Finals in Paris. She lost against Petra Kvitova – GREAT RESULT.

In Dobles she also achieved to arrive to Quarter Finals together with Vania King from The States.

May 2012 – Summer Tennis Camp at BTA

Your summer holidays can be the best time in the year to improve your tennis while spending great days in a beautiful surrounding. We can offer you programs for all levels and ages. Even, in case you have kids who are not interested in tennis. In our Club we can offer you a multi-sports camp – they will practice different sports, among them tennis, padel, swimming and enjoy various other activities. Just ask for information. You all can enjoy great holidays!


April 2012 – New Clay Court – New Restaurant – New Padel Courts We had a lot of work this month!! – We finished changing on hard court into a clay court – due to the high demand. The restaurant has been completly rebuilt and we already celebrated the opening. Two of our padel courts got a new surface, so our padel fans are also happy.          

March 2012 – Good Results

Starting the year with good results. Pleased to see that players of our Academy have had a good start in the season. Two finals in Finland and also in Spain – give us a push forward and to work even harder. Remember that we have training programs for all levels and ages. Just ask for info.


Feb. 2012 – Job Vacancy

We’re looking for a fitness trainer and if possible at the same time tennis trainer. English would be a big plus. Please send us your CV or get in touch with us

Jan. 2012 – A Big Step Forward

Pleased to inform that BARCELONA TENNIS ACADEMY has taken over the management of the CLUB ESPORTIU VALLPINEDA. Now we can increase and complete our offer for our players. They can participate in all activities of the club. You can even become member of the club. Just ask for info.

Jan. 2012 – Starting a new Year

Above all – HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!! – We have already started our training programs with people coming from America, Australia, Canada, Spain, Switzerland.. We are still looking for players to become members of our BTA -TEAM with very special conditions for training and studies. Just get in touch and ask for information.

Dec. 2011 – Clinic in Sweden

The Swedish Tennis Federation was so kind to invite us to travel to Stockholm. We had to run a clinic with several swedish tennis trainers. It was a real pleasure and we had a great time with all of them. Among others, Magnus Norman was present. Thanks a lot and it was a great experience for both parties.


Dec. 2011 – Gift Voucher

You have no idea what to give as a Christmas present? Is he / she a tennis enthusiastic and would like to improve their level? Remember, BARCELONA TENNIS ACADEMY offers programs for all level and ages, personalized programs. Ask for our Gift Vouchers and your tennis enthusiastic can find this gift in for Christmas and enjoy it when it suits! Spend a training program with us and accompanist can enjoy Sitges and its beautiful surrounding. Accommodation is also available.

Nov. 2011 – NEW BTA-TEAM – looking for players

We want to create a new Team. Our Directors and Head Coach will select 8 players to become members of this new team. Send us you videos and ranking. Our offer, up to 50% scholarschip. Train, compete, live and study with us. This team is going to be our representative. You want to be part of it?? Interested?? Ask for further information at

Oct. 2011 – Special Prices with 25% discount

We have a special price reduction running right now. If you want to make use of it, please do not hesitate in contacting us for further information. Booking and reservations deposit has to be done before 18th December and you can enjoy your program with us from the 2nd January till the 2nd of March 2012. Do not forget, we have personalized programs for all levels and ages, for full-time players and for those who just want to enjoy and improve their tennis while spending their vacation in a beautiful surrounding. Do not hesitate and contact us!


Sep. 2011 – Good Results of our Players

Berke Mangaloglu – 14 years of age – has started to play some tournaments in Spain and we cannot be more happy. He was able to enter the final in an open tournament at the Sanchez Casal Academy and the same week he arrived to semi-finals in under 16 years category. Well done and keep on improving!

Aug. 2011 – BTA recruits future stars

The BARCELONA TENNIS ACADEMY is now recuiting players 15 & under and offers reduced fees for training. Our personalized training programs allow for more effective  and faster development of players. We believe that our coaches’ experience and passion for the sport are key to helping players make it as professional. In addition, we offer a complete program, including Academics.

Grants are available for players with strong potential!

Jul. 2010 – The Barcelona Tennis Academy moves to a new training center

On July 3rd, 2010 BTA took over the management of “Las Tablas”, a restaurant located at the “Centre Esportiu Vallpineda”, a beautiful tennis club in Sitges, less than 1 km from the city center and beautiful beaches. Just a month later, BTA started running the tennis operations at the same club and is now in charge of the club’s tennis school, while the full-time academy also uses the facility for all its players’ programs.

Come and visit our new home!  

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