Physical Training
The Fitter You Are, The Tougher You Are

Physical Training for tennis aims to achieve a perfect balance between aerobic and anaerobic endurance, explosive power, strength and flexibility. Tennis is a sport that requires very specific fitness. We train you to be a fit tennis player, not just a fit athlete.


Endurance or aerobic training promotes the circulation of oxygen through the blood and allows players to last longer on-court and be at their best at the end of a long match, while resistance or anaerobic training involves short duration effort (less than 2 minutes), in which oxygen is not a limiting factor in performance.


Our training involves lots of on-court fitness where we focus on movements specific to tennis, emphasizing quick feet, sprinting, jumping, lunging and more. This training improves the player’s speed and explosivity, allowing him/her to get to the ball faster and hit with more power.


These two aspects of training are often neglected but are crucial to a player’s development. Good balance in tennis is key to a compact, controlled and powerful swing. In addition, we will reinforce the importance of stretching every day for muscle flexibility, recovery and avoiding injuries.


In addition to being a key factor in a player’s on-court success and longevity, physical training also prevents injuries, through strengthening and stretching. Players who hit hundreds of balls every day need to strengthen and stretch the key muscles to cope with the demands of the sport.